Beach Womb ie

IMG_20130930_175130_067 Wonderful Wednesday from the Womb! Hey, it’s great being in the womb and I feel excited to share my “happenings” with you each week. I’m the baby inside here that’s coming to earth in February 2014. I’m about love energy and the balancing of male and female energy. Pretty cool! I had some talks with god before I went into the womb and this is what I wanted to do. So, I will be an acquarius in the age of acquarius. I kinda like it! So, this week I got to smell sage for the first time when my mommy had acupuncture. I like it! I felt the energy from the needles, I was feeling calm, pretty good. It was one of those magical miscellaneous experiences my mommy is always seeking out. I think I’m going to like earth. So, in the picture you see of mommy, she is practicing her “pregnant” modeling pose, trying to pull off “fierce”. We both agree she just kind of looks a little mad:) Anyway, she wanted to show off her “baby bump” while sporting some new leggings. So, I’m getting a little sleepy now, I think I’m about done for today.
So, this week, hope you get to smell some cool sage and check out some of the latest fall fashions.
Turn your love on! Baby J


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