Beach Foodie: Calm before the storm


Magical Monday to you! The photos this week center around two themes; the first is rest and the second photo shows me wearing my “food”; my discussion from my first Beach Womb ie post last week.
Rest is an important part of life and energy. Sometimes we need calmness and tranquility before we embark upon a new phase of our life. In my life, I have a big transition before me. I am moving to LA in November for the next part of my life journey. So, October will be a time of rest and rejuvenation for me and to savor the delights of fall. I plan to do some restorative yoga, float on my paddleboard, spend fun time with those who are uplifting and fun to “be” with. I am discovering in my pregnancy that “being” is just as cool as “doing”. I’m tapping into that mystical energy of allowing.
The tidbit for this week to to invite you to “allow” yourself to rest, rejuvenate, have fun!, just be you and “accept” and “delight” in who you are in the present moment. Allow everyone you meet to connect with the authentic you, the divine work of art that you are, your own unique masterpiece that is constantly evolving.
Great love to you! May sparks of joy ignite you and may waves of calmness and peace engulf you. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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