Beach Womb ie!

Wonderful Wednesday from the womb!. Each week we will take a journey into the source of all creation, the “womb” from which we were all created. Our journey will be both fact and fiction; it will be up to you to decide…. Being pregnant is a creative and spiritual journey, a journey of birth and “rebirth”. we can all “rebirth” ourselves at any time, in fact our lives are a process of continual rebirth to live a high life force existence.
I tidbit for this week begins with the body as a temple in the journey of pregnancy. One of my discoveries is the fine art of “wearing” your food. I find that when I wear my food, it goes directly through my skin to my body. I have started off wearing “supergreen” powders, creating my own recipes and applying it to my abdomen and my face. It regenerative for the skin as well as helping me get the nutrition I need.
So this week, I invite you to experiment with “wearing ” your food. A possibility is to put the “food” on you before your shower or bath and create a little spa time for yourself.
Joy, joy, joy! Turn your love on! From the womb…Cfayla


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