Beach Foodie: Anniversary

IMG_20130912_134255_413-1 Magical Monday to you! This is the one year anniversary of the Beach Foodie blog. It’s been a magical year and I have a special announcement. This photo of me shows my “baby” bump. Yes, I’m expecting a little beach foodie in the new year.
As part of the fun, I am going to expand my blog posts to add an additional post on Wednesday’s called “Beach Womb-ie” . It will be part fact, part blog fiction and I’ll be blogging about the magical experience of “being” in the womb.
I’ll be exploring all facets of creativity and being “reborn”. I’m very excited about this change in direction in my life.
So, check back in on Wednesday for my first “beach wombie” post.
IMG_20130916_182451_942 In this photo, I have a fun recipe idea for a fresh fruit and hydration. It’s an “orange slice”; a sliced orange with a small amount of raw cocoanut butter and raw honey. I froze it and it made an awesome snack for after a run on the beach.
I hope everyone enjoyed the fall stolstice yesterday. It’s always a good time to appreciate the “harvest” time of fall and to enjoy the fruits of our work.
Great love to all of you! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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