Beach Foodie: Peace

IMG_20130630_204421_750Magical Monday to you! This week I invite you to join in the International Peace Day on Sept 21st. My photo is one way of observing peace; by watching the ocean, enjoying “being”, and at that moment in peace.
Your observance of peace this week could start with bringing moments of peace to yourself. When we bring the stillness and peace to ourselves as part of a “high life force energy” lifestyle, we allow our bodies to rejuvenate, regenerate, and honor our soul.
On Saturday, when millions will be meditating for peace, this “magical miscellaneous” event will join us with millions of others on our planet who desire peace, grace, and live in a spirit of gratitude. It is my hope this week that you will join me in building up to this event by building your “peace” time each day of this week.
I’m starting tomorrow morning by joining some friends at the Standard Hotel in Miami for an 8:00 yoga and gratitude event to honor gratitude and to honor peace. We also honor ourselves by being part of something larger and being “at one” with others who can help inspire us and uplift us.
I wish you moments of peace and spiritual nourishment each day this week.
Great peace to each of you, today and each day of this week. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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