Beach Foodie: Filtering

IMG_20130909_113301_976 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week is a water bottle with a built in filtering system. It’s been fun to try it out and gave me the idea for this week’s tidbit.
To live a extraordinarily blissful, love based life we must have great filtering systems. Just like filtering our water to remove toxic substances, we take in life,new experiences, healthy living, the best of what life has to offer. And, at the same time, we filter the negative messages, vibes, etc so they don’t impact our life and pull us down. So, what is the basis for our “high life force living” filter?
For me, I consider whether the activity or practice will bring more “love energy” to either my body, mind, or spirit? Is it uplifting, fun, and in some way an enhancement or improvement to my life? Does it bring a “magical” miscellaneous experience to my life; a new recipe, a new exercise class, different type of meditaiton, or one of those magical moments when we hear a fabulous song, enjoy a great glass of wine, etc.
In order to have time to experience the great activities, it’s helpful to let go of negativity and let it flow right past us so we can focus our energy on the enpowering aspects of life.
So, this week, I invite you to use your “happy filter” in life, releasing the negativity and focusing your time and energy on the love based and empowering aspects of your life.

I’m grateful for you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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