Beach Foodie: Silent Retreat

IMG_20130902_101605_238 Magical Monday to You and Happy Labor Day! Today’s photo shows the little note I carried with me to yoga class during my 5 day silent retreat.
My tibit for the week is to encourage you to embrace some “silent” time in your life. For me, the best part of the silent retreat was the sense of freedom I had during the retreat; freedom to dream, freedom to become atuned to the essence of myself, my authentic self, in a much deeper way. New inspirations, new thoughts, and yes, new recipes came to me during this time.
I structured my own retreat. I am staying on the oceanfront now so I spent plenty of time at the beach. I paddleboarded, ran, meditated twice a day, went to hot yoga, ate awesome food. I took some time to float in the Atlantic ocean, put my feet in the sand and connect with the earth. I spent time writing. I can describe the experience as very restorative.
The energy I usually expend on speaking with others was able to be channeled to my dreams, my creativity, and the deep relaxation of my physical, emotional, and spiritual self.
I’m toying with the idea of incorporating some type of silence on a monthly basis; maybe a half day..
It takes a little planning; I made sure I had all the food I needed, and notified everyone I would be out of touch for 5 days. The note worked really well at yoga; although it was hard not to speak to people on the oceanfront; just a nod and a smile.
So, this week, I invite you to try some silent time; even 5 minutes a day could be helpful to you.
Great joy, fun, beauty, and grace to you this week! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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