Beach Foodie: Angels in kitchen

IMG_20130825_110715_738-2 Magical Monday to YOU! Love, love! The photo this week is my experimentation of a “raw Bread” without any dehydration. Only a few ingredients and part of my recipe stream from my “mojo” cleanse, this being my 97th day of that journey. It kind of looks like a sci-fi snowman, right? Well, this raw bread has 5 ingredients and 28 gms of plant based protein for the serving you see in the photo. And it tastes good! Plenty of fiber too.
It was important to me to create an easy recipe that had quite a bit of protein, yet didn’t weight me down. since I’m so active, the protein is essential for me.
IMG_20130826_114539_667 In this photo, you see a new ingredient that I’m experimenting with: cocoanut flour. I used a small amount of it in the “bread”.
I actually was looking for organic cocoanut nut flakes in the store, they were out, and I saw this bag of cocoanut flour. I put it back 3 times before something finally just prompted me to buy it and start working with it. I liked the amount of protein for a “flour”, thought the taste would be ok because I like cocoanut, and the price was about $5.50. So, I thought, give it a try. I’m glad because I’ve now used in it another recipe for an “uncooked” chocolate cake.
So, my tidbit this week is to invite you to play with new “superfoods” yourself, and see what fun recipes you create.
Great joy to you! Gratitude, love, love! Cfayla


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