Beach Foodie: Celebration

IMG_20130204_120551_223 Magical Monday to you! Today my Tidbit topic will be on celebrating milestones and achievements in living your best life. My milestone is reaching 90 days on my “mojo cleanse”. Today is day 90, my original goal was to stay on a long term cleanse of my own creation for 90 days; one day at a time.

My goal was to take my life to the next level; physically and spiritually. I targeted very specific superfoods and followed some general guidelines; no cooked food or meat while on the cleanse, meditating twice a day on most days.
I documented my experiences and all new recipes along the way. What I ate was a journey each day as new recipes unfolded to me.

I wanted to maintain my muscle mass and activity level. I run 5 miles a day, paddleboard on the ocean almost daily, and alternate hot yoga and weight training. Would I be able to cleanse that long and maintain my high energy life style?

The answer is yes; I managed to stay on the cleanse and do feel the cleanse has been great and rejuvenated my body in profound ways. One of the best results was an even greater clarity of thought and changing perceptions of what was possible in my life. Miracles began happening in my life along the way and continue to happen.

I plan to continue the cleanse; one day at a time, until reaching day 120.

So, this week, I celebrate each one of you and the spark of light within you that can bring you rejuvenation through your efforts to live your best life. Your cleanse can be 1 day, 3 days, and can be a cleansing of thoughts or behaviors to bring you closer to your dream life.

Great joy! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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