Beach Foodie: Traces

IMG_20130812_105252_579 Magical Monday to you! This week my tidbit is about sources of trace minerals to add to your eating livestyle. In the photo, I have a picture of “kelp noodles”, one of my favorite sources of trace minerals. These noodles are so fun; basically have no calories and are packed with the nutrition of
the sea.
I think of them as my “sea pasta”.
They are so versatile; you can simply add cold pressed olive oil, a few of your chopped up organic veggies, and a tiny bit of raw vinegar for a delightful “pasta” dish. They will fill you up also, so it’s a good dish to make if you are really hungry.
Many sources of plant based protein taste really good with the noodles.
I encourage you to experiment with them.
And guess what? You can pack them up in a cooler and take them to the beach.
No fork or spoon? Have some fun with these noodles and eat them with your fingers at the beach. It’s really fun to eat finger foods; it stimulates your senses and I think it’s so fun and playful; a good way to get in touch with your playful side.
So, have some fun with your “trace” noodles this week.
Great love to you! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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