Beach Foodie: Pathways

IMG_20130730_070226_456 Magical Monday to you! The tidbit for this week is about pathways in life. Being healthy and following the Beach Foodie way is a pathway; a lifestyle choice.
The photo this week is of a most beautiful path I discovered recently. I was looking for a quicker path to the gulf so I wouldn’t have to carry my paddleboard so far…Amazing, because it was there all along, I just needed a shift in perception to look for it, then it appeared. Eating healthy, being in nature, movement, and meditation are all our magical paths to living a high life force energy life filled with love energy.
Sometimes change is good even when we have a good path. My previous path to the gulf was awesome, but the new one is great too. I’ve met some new people along the way by the new path and new energies came to me.
In this same way, I continually update and change the combination of healthy foods I eat, the type of movement, etc. That’s why new recipes and combinations of “superfoods” are so fun, they spark our energy, bringing a “newNess” to our lives.
So, this week, explore the paths of your healthy lifestyle, maybe take a new path. You may be amazed by what fabulous treasures come into your life along the way.

Great, great Love! Happy early New Moon tomorrow. Joy!Joy!Joy! Cfayla


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