Beach Foodie: Superfood Highway

Magical Monday to you! In this photo, I am driving my dream car…The tidbit for this week is WHERE am I driving it and on what highway? Yes, it’s a beautiful exotic machine, just like your body in it’s healthiest state. We have a choice of where we are going, what kind of fuel we put into our magnificent bodies and what highway we choose.
How about choosing the “superfood” highway? You can jump on whenever you like. It’s like a road trip; try some of the best recipes, choose the best superfoods, hydrate your body, to the extent you can. The superfood journey should be blissful, filled with fun and healthy foods and liquids. I invite you to take a look at my recommended foods and recipes in Beach Foodie, pick some, try a few recipes.
Even one recipe can change your life! You might successfully create your own superfood recipes along the way:)
The superfood highway is for everyone; even if you’re not as healthy as you’d like, you can begin the journey, and if you detour, you can jump back on. The further along you get, you will notice the road is brighter, lighter, blissful, and filled with abundant energy. It’s not quite as crowded either.
So this week, pick out your dream car and enjoy the ride on the superfood highway.

Great Love! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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