Beach Foodie: Fly High


Magical Monday to you! The photo this week is of me at an aerial yoga class. It’s one of those magical miscellaneous experiences we can enjoy…movement at it’s best. One of the best ways to bring love energy into our life is through movement. Aerial yoga incorporates strength, stretching, playing, healthy inversions, to name a few of the benefits for your body.
My tidbit this week is to encourage you to move in whatever way also allows you to experience your playful childlike nature. We took time to rest in our hammocks, swing, and play. This elevated my mood and energy. So, I got a good workout and got to play also. Just hanging upside down is so playful and invigorating, it gets your blood pumping through your body in a new, fresh way.
The color of the hammocks also gave me great energy. Just seeing all the different colors of the hammocks was visually stimulating, and it felt balancing to me as I entered the room.
The “flying” motion I felt was fabulous, like I didn’t have a care in the world. My body felt a sense of freedom of movement. Can you pick a new experience that gives a feeling of freedom, of excitement, and newness to incorporate into your life and feed your soul? Flying high can also be a new skill your are bringing to your life and the increased energy you feel from the new experience.

Great love to you! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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