Beach foodie: Catch the rainbow

IMG_20130711_083816_857 Magical Monday to you! This week I invite you to catch the rainbow in the photo. Rainbows are so magical and this one was very large and especially bright colors in the late afternoon. It reminded me of how much natural beauty surrounds us. A rainbow offers refreshing energy and hope that all are dreams are possible.

So, this week, my tidbit is to keep yourself open to the magic, to the possibilities of transforming your life at any time. Even the smallest changes can lead you into a new path. And, a kind word, a smile, and gratitude can keep you on the pathway to your best life.

When it comes to eating well and loving your food, I think of eating as a “superfood” highway. As long as your eating some of the great Superfoods, you are on the highway to health, joy, happiness. This last weekend I once again was so happy to enjoy the miracle of “raw fats” and what they can do for your health and for the taste of food. I’m especially thankful for raw almond butter and raw cocoanut butter in small amounts. I find them so satisfying to my taste buds.
Isn’t that what blissful eating is all about? And the simplicity of a good, EASY, recipe of primarily live foods.

So, this week, I wish you some magic to come into your life as your journey on your “superfood” highway.

You are greatly loved! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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