Beach Foodie: Create

IMG_20130524_064048_214 Magical Monday and happy new moon! My photo this week captures one of the peak times to be creative, sunset. Let your imagination soar during this new moon. My tidbit this week is to go inward, tap into your creative potential for your best life. Communication can be a little tricky during Mercury retrograde but exploration of possibilities is always available.
Have you tried some seasonal foods of the summer, enjoyed nature, enjoyed the abundance that summer brings? This is a good time to extend those good holiday feelings from the 4th of July and keep your summer bliss energy strong.
How about taking some organic fruits of the summer and adding spring water for a refreshing drink, or lemons to water, for your own special lemonade?
Or taking one of your activities to a new level. Last week, we had perfect surf conditions on the gulf.. I got on my boogie board and for the first time ever actually rode some waves in, it was marvelously wonderful and I felt such a rush of joy. My tidbit is to try some of your same activities in a new way and you might have a different result. The energies on the planet right now will support new experiences. And, as always, I share gratitude with you for living on this earth at such a wonderful time.

Create, create, create your best life!

Great love to all of you! Joy! Joy! Joy! Cfayla


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