Beach Foodie: Tapestry

Magical Monday to you! The photo this week is a beautiful tapestry of the colors of the sunset overlooking the bay. It’s one of those magical mystical moments which can be so invigorating to the soul. This week’s tidbit is about the tapestry of life; and two of the basics; the food we eat, and the energies we experience.
To get the most blissful experience out
of your food, eating should be an experience you have and savor. I encourage you to eat foods of all the different colors of the rainbow. There are so many different colors of greens for instance; why not sample them all? And, why not mix it up a bit. One of my favorite times with food is to experiment with new recipes; new combinations
of nut butters, raw proteins, different types of raw honey, just to experience the tapestry which good food brings to our senses.
Last weekend, I visited a shop specializing in vinegars, oils, wines, and ports. What a fun tapesty of taste sensation. We mixed some of the raw, unprocessed vinegars with different cold pressed olive oils to get some fun and unique flavors. Have you ever tried a flavored vinegar on ice cream? It can be good…
The tapestry of energy could be enjoying the energy of a summer rainstorm, for instance. Nature giving us nourishing rain for the soil, and enjoying the sounds of the rain, the feel of the wind, as the new energy sweeps the planet.
So this week, I invite you to partake and enjoy the tapestry of food and energy available to you.

You are GREATLY LOVED! May love pour over you like a fountain and brighten your heart. Joy, Joy, joy! Cfayla


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