Beach Foodie: Summer Fun

Magical Monday to you! Today, I’m going to discuss living in the present and being open to new experiences. In my photo, you see me at a cosmetic event where we spent the morning getting our makeup professionally done by “ace” makeup artists. It was an international event and such a good time. New friends, different viewpoints, a wonderful venue in Miami Beach, and a learning opportunity.
This week I invite you to be open to new experiences which can enhance your life, increase your energy, and possibly set you on a new pathway. There is no certainty that a new experience will benefit us but our intention to allow a full and exciting life will prevail.
This can be applied to the food we eat, how we exercise, meeting new people. Summer is a great season for trying fruits that are in season, eating fresh greens, even summertime treats like watermelon. It can be a time for spending more time in nature, perhaps in a new setting.
The “super” full moon was a great example. Many “magical Miscellaneous” experiences were held over the weekend; weekend hikes, moonlight paddleboarding, etc to celebrate this special event.
So this week, my tidbit is to be open to new experiences, new events, and new people who have the possibility to change your life.

Great love to all of you! Joy! Cfayla


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