Beach Foodie: Power of the sea

IMG_20130610_124015_967 Magical Monday to you! Today my tidbit is on the power of the sea for your nutrition. In the photo, you see a bag of “recovery” bits which are 100% organically grown chlorella algae. Algae is a wonderful food. This food is grown organically and harvested, just like other crops. It is then air dried to preserve the enzymes. Just 30 of these mini-tabs are an excellent “mini-meal”. Recovery tabs are designed to aid in the cleansing process. Chlorella has the highest concentration of RNA/DNA in world, great for rebuilding cells, a fountain of youth food.
Also, chlorella algae is 60% protein, and has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world, introduces oxygen to the body and removes toxins naturally. I decided to add it to the “cleanse” process and recipes I am currently creating for the tremendous nutritional properties and as a source of protein.
Algae is perfect for eating before and after a rigorous workout due to it’s high nutritional value. NASA feeds algae to their astronauts because it keeps them healthy and energized in space.
I find I enjoy these algae bits first thing in the morning when I am drinking “live” juices. They give me the energy for running and paddleboarding on the ocean and set the tone for an active life, even while on a long term cleanse.
I invite you to enjoy the energy of the sea and try “recovery bits”.
Great love to all of you! Joy! Joy! May it radiate from your heart like a thousand suns. Cfayla


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