Beach Foodie: The Energy of Hope

Magical Monday to You! With the energy of love and gratitude comes the collaborative energy of hope. The photo this week shows a beautiful ball of golden light over the ocean, shimmering in beauty and reminds me of “Hope”. Hope is such a joyful emotion because it connects us to endless possibilities for our best life; the best energy, love, the best food,and gives us courage to make changes in our lifestyle to take our living to the next level, to maximize our life force energy.
In Beach Foodie, I talk about Blissful Eating as a process, the process of eating healthier foods over time, meditating, movement, and other experiences. If we have hope, this gives us the faith to stay in our process of becoming the heathiest we can be.
For instance, if you struggle with hydration and maintain the energy of hope and joy, you can gently and joyously increase your liquid intake a little over time, and over the long run dramatically improve your health. If you aspire to change the foods you eat, you could start off by trying and using a few easy, go-to, recipes that over time will reduce the inflammation in your body and bring a renewed joy and energy to you.
So this week, my tidbit is to put on your “rose-colored” glasses of hope, and enjoy the process of becoming the high energy, glorious, and joyous YOUof your dreams.

Great, great, love to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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