Beach Foodie: Honor and Joy

IMG_20130527_062614_615 Magical Memorial Day to you! This week my tidbit is about honor. The majestic tree in this picture is a part of nature I honor for it’s beauty and for it’s healing ability. The tree is very old and has a beautiful grounding energy. Many people sit under the tree to meditate, contemplate life, or just be in the shade.
Memorial Day is a time to contemplate, take a few moments to remember the best times with those you cherish, and to meditate on the preciousness and gift of life. It can be wonderful to remember specific times moments that were uplifting and how they have brought joy to your life. Life is about joy in those precious moments and gratitude and appreciation for the good things we have in life.
And, memorial day kicks off the summer for many people. Summer is a time of fun, a time of joy, for many a more relaxed pace. I invite you to allow yourself to enjoy this season of summer with all it’s delights. This is a great time to create some magical moments and eat some fabulous fruits and veggies. To me it is a season of play.
So, my tidbit is to honor the best of what we were given by those we love and to celebrate and relish the joy life offers us.
You are great loved! Joy to you! Cfayla


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