Beach Foodie: Name Your Recipe

IMG_20130520_104123_222 Magical Monday to you! Today I am talking about customizing a recipe and how to keep track of it. My photo shows a recipe I designed for a friend. I was in the kitchen and the thought came to me to make a special recipe for Laurina, a new friend I was meeting for the first time. As the recipe idea came to me, I jotted it down in a little notebook I always keep with me for new recipe ideas and new ideas and inspirations for life. You see my little recipe journal sitting on my standup paddleboard. So, this is the recipe: organic celery, raw almond butter, raw organic maple BUTTER, and raw sunflower seeds. Mix all ingriendients together and put on top of the celery for “Laurina’s dipper”. This is a version of several recipes I have for raw almond butter, raw seeds, raw honey/organic maple butter, and a healthy veggie as the dipper. I keep them to publish later in my next recipe book. By keeping track of my recipes, I was able to come up with the recipes for my first two books and several of the recipes are named for people or places I was experiencing at the time the recipe presented itself to me:)
The tidbit and takeaway for today is the invitation to keep track of and write down your inspirations as they occur to you so you can take action on them later or just have a good laugh. By writing them down, you may have an inspiration that changes the direction of your life in a very valuable way. If you had not written it down, it might drift out of your life like a wave.
So, here’s to creating fun, customized recipes, new friends, great energy and vitality!

Love, love love! Cfayla


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