Beach Foodie: Magical Manifesting

IMG_20130513_072825_561 Magical Monday to you! In honor of the new moon, I am going to discuss “manifesting” today. We are in a new moon cycle that brings powerful energies to bringing in the new and “manifesting” or imagining your deepest desires coming true. My picture represents some of my desires and dreams that I am focusing on during this new moon. The dollar bill has a note taped to it giving thanks for all the money I have received in my life. So, I’m beginning my process by being thankful for what I have and have already been given. The flowers represent love and beauty to me which are two things I have in my life and want to continue to have at even greater levels. I want to share the love I feel with others in practical ways that will help them and I want to spread beauty and joy on the planet. The magazine is a yachting magazine, signifying my desire to travel on yachts and cruise ships to see the world and enjoy the oceans. It also represents the desire for abundance and richness of experience in my life. I invite you to think about what you want to manifest in your life this week and throughout this new moon cycle. It could be about relationships, creativity, experiences, or just more of the awesome wonderful aspects of your life. Perhaps it is a desire to help others feel and have what you already possess.

The energies are so beautiful on the planet right now! Great, great love to all of you!

Embrace the magic my BELOVEDs:)

Love, LOVE, and more love to you! Cfayla


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