Beach Foodie: Honoring Maternal Energy

IMG_20130506_103915_383Magical Monday and Happy Mother’s day to everyone who gives maternal energy to nurture a person, the planet, life itself. In each one of us exists the capacity to nurture, love, and care for others and our beautiful planet. So, to each of you, I celebrate the “nurturer” in you. My tidbit for this week is to invite you to honor the nurturing energy within you, the feminine energy we all have. This is an energy of creativity, beauty, being receptive to new energies, and is a strong, perfect compliment to the masculine energies of taking action, being directing, etc. This is a time for us to appreciate and honor both energies. Many of you fulfill the mothering role even though you have not given birth to a child. And the mothering role can be the birth of a business, an idea, a charity, etc. Whatever brings love and beauty to the planet got a nurturing start from someone.:) My photo today honors the sea life on our planet. I find the ocean and it’s creatures so calming and restorative, yet they bring me great energy and joy also.
I invie you this week and especially on Sunday to honor the people, places, and things, that bring you joy, nurture you, love you, and connect with them in love this week.

Great gratitude to all the maternal energy on the planet. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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