Beach Foodie :take it with you


Magical Monday and Happy Earth day to you! Today as we celebrate our beloved earth, I invite you to take those things you love with you as your journey through life. The picture of my friend Skye is so cute and magical. She is in Beach Foodie energy; hat, sunglasses, enjoying her life, and taking a few minutes to review some of the concepts in the “Beach Foodie” book, all while hanging out for a few minutes. So, today I invite you to bring your great book with you wherever you go, your favorite meditation, your favorite healthy snack and have it right with you so you can take advantage of those “tidbits” of time you have throughout your day to pursue “microseconds” of high energy living.
Maybe it’s taking seven deep meditative breaths during your work day, doing a few stretches along the way, even singing one of your favorite songs. You can add alot of fun to your life in those “nooks and crannies” of time during your day.
High life force livng is about enjoying all those small moments that make up your day, keep you in the flow of life, and present each moment of your life. Each day is unique and it’s fun to create those unique, fun moments throughout your day to keep your energy moving.
As we approach the full moon on Thursday, I encourage you to release anything that is no longer serving you well during the full moon cycle, a little bit of an energetic spring cleaning.
Great love to each of you! I am grateful for you and grateful for our beautiful planet.
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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