Beach Foodie: New Beginnings

Magical Monday to you! Today I am sharing my thoughts on new beginnings. Spring is a wonderful time to bring new energy and beginnings into your life. Perhaps it’s trying new recipes, tweaking your diet, or spending more time in nature. It can also be bringing new people into your life to share experiences and take your high life force living to a new level. When you bring people into your life who are like minded, have high energy, and focus on eating healthy, meditating, exercising, all those things I talk about in the BeBeachFoodieCoverach Ball Model of high life force living, it can be very motivating to continue those healthy behaviors and disciplines that will keep you healthy and happy for the long run.

How about scheduling time with your new friends to explore something new together.
This last week I participated in a swim suit fashion show and met some new friends who were attending the show. It was awesome to be a part of the show and at the same time meet people who were focused on health, fitness, and fashion. We shared tips on the foods we ate, what types of workouts we did, and the kind of fashion we enjoyed. This brought new fun and energy into my life and a new set of friends.

Great love to you! Enjoy your week:) Cfayla


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