Beach Foodie: Let’s have fun

Magical Monday to you! The photo is my new best friend! Someone created him on Siesta Key beach for all of us to enjoy. Life is full of joy and magic and if you look for it you will find it everywhere. Today, I invite you to look for the magic in your life. Perhaps it might be films or cinema. I attended the opening of the Sarasota film festival last Friday to see the movie “Black Fish”, a documentary on killer whales and their trainers. It was very engaging because there was a Q and A afterwards discussing the making of the film. You might find engaging activity looking at art, going to festivals, there are so many ways to enjoy the arts and the energy they can bring you. Maybe it’s visiting the newest restaurant in town and having the fun of trying something new and discussing it with your friends. The new and unique high life force experiences bring so much to you. This new energy can create a spark in you, increasing your energy which in turn can flow out to others. So this week, let’s have some fun, some engaging activity to bring a new energy into your life.

You are GREATLY LOVED. Love, love, love… Cfayla


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