Beach Foodie: food and travel

Magical Monday to you on this first day of April. I choose this photo because I’m wearing hair extensions to give me another look. And, that’s what travel can bring to us, a different look at our life and the lives of others. I’m traveling this week and experiencing the joys and challenges of travel.

It can be a challenge to eat well and stay hydrated when traveling. To make it easier, I always bring along a few main items, my “go to” foods so I know I will have them. One of the main things I bring with me is raw unfiltered unheated honey for assimilation and super nutrition, raw nut butters, such as raw cocoanut butter and raw almond butter, and raw nuts. you can purchase these items in individually wrapped packages for ease of packing. This provides me with a source of raw fat, raw honey, and raw protein, all important daily in a high life force eating diet.

I make sure I get plenty of water. I usually drink an extra 20-30 oz a day when traveling. If it’s available, I’ll do some juicing also since traveling can put stress on your body.

Another food I eat when traveling are fresh greens with cold pressed olive oil. These are so nutritious and generally easy to find. They help keep your energy high so you can have fun on your vacation or just be productive on your business trip.

The other fun thing I enjoy is experiencing the best fresh foods of my travel destination. I enjoy fresh fruits and veggies that are in season and native to the travel destination.

Great love to you this week wherever you may be. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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