Beach Foodie: Fashion and Flair

Magical Monday to you! Last week I attended Miami Fashion week. The photo is from the runway show for evening gowns. Special events like fashion shows are great “magical miscellaneous” experiences that uplift our lives, bring beauty and spark to us, and give us an opportunity to meet new people and engage with others and ourselves in a completely new way. The beauty of a runway show is so amazing, I was thrilled to have this experience for the first time and I met some new friends along the way. To be “present” in life and open to new experiences, really is
a “present” to us:) There are so many fun uplifting events and activities to try. My tidbit for this week is to invite you to try one new magical miscellaneous experience this week or look at an already existing experience in an entirely new way.IMG_20130321_231708_972 This week I will be scouting new opportunities for fun, changing up my routines just a bit, engaging in life in slightly different ways to keep things fresh and magical and each day it’s own unique experience.
Great love and joy to you on your quest for magic! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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