Beach Foodie: Let’s go!


Magical Monday to you! Today I will be discussing movement. The photo is of me at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park on Ft Lauderdale beach and I’m on an eliptigo. It’s like an eliptical trainer except you move on it like you were riding a bike. This is so fun and a great innovative way to get a good workout. I took it for a spin of about a mile around the park and it does give you a great workout. Kind of like a run without the stess on your knees and joints.

Have you moved today or are you going to? I invite you to move, physically as well as energetically. When you move, especially outdoors in nature, you move out the stale energy and allow new life giving energy to flow through your body and nourish your cells. Movement can give your mind a needed rest as you totally focus on your movement, it frees your mind to relax into a meditative state.

40 minutes to about an hour a day seems to be a perfect amount of time for me to “move about”. You can work yourself up to this, it’s all a fun process.

So the tidbit this week, is to show you a fun and innovative way to move, get that energy flowing and circulating, and “rest your mind”.

Great love and joy to you this week. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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