Beach Foodie: Happy Hydration


Magical Monday to you! This is the new moon cycle and with it brings new energies for us to enjoy and bring into our lives for blissful living. My tip and tidbit for this week is to focus a little more on hydration and share what I drink on a daily basis. The picture shows my daily liquid intake, in the general order I consume them. It totals to about 100 ounces a day, which is my minimum intake for hydration.

So, here is goes on what each item is, why I do it. The first is the “bode” drink which is a plant based protein drink designed to help the body burn fat. The second is Kombucha, a live juice which also contains a probiotic, next we have almond milk mixed with spring water, a healthy alterntive to dairy and great with my recipes. The “life is good” bottle is filled with 32 oz of spring water. My goal it to drink all of these items before noon.

Next in the lineup is a healthy energy drink called “Verve Bold” which I absolutely love, good energy, no “shaky” feeling. Next, I follow it up in the afternoon with another bottle of almond milk mixed with spring water. Flax or cocoanut milk mixed with spring water is also really refreshing.

So by late afternoon, I’ve reached my goal of at least 100oz of liquid. Many days I take in another 32 oz of spring water before I go to bed.

I could have called this post “the fountain of youth” because hydration gives so much to your body in terms of high energy, beautiful skin, and rejuvenation. Plus, it helps with clarity of your thoughts.

Great, great love to all of you! Love, love, love, Cfayla


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