Beach Foodie: New recipe

Magical  Monday to you!  My tidbit for this week is two new recipes.


The first recipe is “Cel-eb-rity” Like all Beach Foodie recipes, it contains a raw fat, and a protein. This is a simple way to enjoy celery. Spread raw almond butter on a celery stick and top with raw sunflower seeds or raw pumpkin seeds. You may also add “ants” to your celery log by topping with a few blueberries or blackberries, both low glycemic fruits. Celery will give you that “crunch” which is so satisfying with the lucious taste of the raw almond butter, “the raw fat” in the recipe. Raw almond butter contains alot of protein also so it’s a very good food for high energy.

My second recipe is called “englightened sin” because it tastes so sinfully good and is good for you. Combine raw cocoanut butter, raw unheated unflitered honey, raw chocolate sauce, and raw walnuts for a very satisfying “raw” candy. The chocolate sause is generally available at stores that see organic and raw food items. This has the elements of raw fat, protein, raw honey for assimilation and has a very satisfying taste.

Both recipes are wonderful with almond or flax milk, or as a happy hour snack with a glass of red wine.

Great love to you this week and blissful eating! Love, love, love… Cfayla


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