Beach Foodie Sanctuary

Magical Monday to you! My picture today is a “backyard” sanctuary in Sarasota where I am visiting. My tidbit for today is to share my thoughts on the importance of creating a sanctuary time and space in our lives for meditation, reflection, serenity, and dreaming. I invite you to take some time this week to create your sanctuary or simply say thank you for the one you have already created. IMG_20130225_080705_644

Your sanctuary can travel with you and simply be a lovely, peacful vision and place you visit to connect with yourself and the universal life force energy available to all of us for renewal and joy.

Connecting with nature daily is connecting to a living, breathing sanctuary. The sound of the birds singing, the melody of the ocean waves, or the rustling of the wind blowing the trees can bring you so much peace and joy.

So now, I’m going to the backyard sanctuary this morning to enjoy some juice and water for hydration and spend some time in love and gratitude before I continue my journey for the week.

So, here’s my tip to you this week; create your sanctuary or enjoy the one you already have, or simply enjoy the living breathing sanctuary of nature this week.

Great love and joy to you! Cfayla


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