Beach Foodie: ride the LOVE wave

Magical Valentines week to you.  Just as we see the paddleboard riding the beautiful wave to shore we can ride the wave of love this week as we celebrate valentines day
Ray of Joy
So here are my tidbits..  We can begin now to send thoughts of love to our loved ones.  Love notes , phone calls, hugs and of course healthy eating are all a part of enhancing the “love” energy in our life

How about starting off this week with some raw chocolate, raw nuts of your choice, and some fresh organic berries?  These energetic and romantic foods will provide great energy and start to build an atmosphere of love this week.  Have your tried  some of the”live ” juices on the market?  I happen to love “Trilogy” and it is a great probiotic as wll as a great tasting juice.

And, dancing, yoga, being out in a natural setting is always a good way to connect with the love energy of the earth and your loved ones. Trying a new class, meditating together as a family or a couple, or seeing a special concert or other artistic event can inspire us and open our heart to the love that is all around us:)

Smiling, love, and gratitude this week for the love that we have in our life and the love we get from the universe will start a “loop of Love” for us. Each smile we give, kindness, and expressing gratitude always comes back to us in wonderful magical ways.

I wish you a fabulous “love” celebration this week as you enjoy and celebrate the strongest energy on the planet: LOVE Energy.

You are greatly LOVED!



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