Beach Foodie Ice Cream Truck

Marvelous Monday to you! Today my tidbit is about the Ice Cream Truck that comes to the beach every day where I live. It is an old-timey truck that plays music like you hear on a carousel. It is music especially for children, upbeat, magical, a tune that will attract young children for a treat. And actually, I love this music and look forward to hearing it because it reminds me all things are possible when we are children and embrace the joy and innocence of life in all it’s wonderful possibilities. Life is a treat, just like the ice cream truck, we just need to allow our heart to open to embrace and recoginize the opportunities. We can bring anything to us that we desire. Can you join me in opening your heart to new experiences and possibilities?
My picture this week is about celebration. Life is a celebration and is to be celebrated. Each day we can celebrate our life, our food and drink, fun times, and fabulous health that make up our daily life experience when we follow the beach foodie lifestyle of nutritious food and high life force living. I am sending you my smile and a light beam. Love, love, love CfaylaCel


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