Beach Foodie: Tips and Tidbits

EmbellishmentMagical Monday to you! I’m starting something new this week called “Tips and Tidbits”. I’ll be sharing a tip or tidbit with you each week focusing on the topics I cover in my two books and how I apply these concepts in my life. They are “embellishments” to my books on the beach foodie lifestyle. So…here we go.

This week my tip focuses on how to provide flavor and “raw fat” to a cooked veggie and hopefully is helpful to everyone who is still transitioning to a raw vegan diet or just wants the warmth of a cooked veggie. The veggie I’ll use is green beans. Many people love cooked green beans with bacon and/or some kind of fat added in the cooking process. A healthy version is to cook the green beans first, then drizzle a small amount of cold pressed olive oil over the cooked green beans after you have transferred them to the serving bowl or your plate. This way you still get the benefit of a “raw fat” and the taste but without the negative health impact of a cooked fat. Want a little more? Try adding veggie bacon on top for a little crunch and flavor. Textured soy bacon has protein and will add some taste and texture to your veggie. To top it off you can add raw sunflower seeds on top and a tiny bit of nutritional yeast which will give the green beans a cheesy flavor. The recipe is yours to experiment with and help you transition to healthier eating.

I invite you to spend a few minutes each day in gratitude. My tidbit is focusing on gratitude. I say thank you a thousand times a day. Try it, it’s quite fun!

Love, love, love!



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