Beach Foodie “Extra, Extra”

Extra in a J A Marvelous Monday morning to you on the “New Earth”. Today I invite you to join me in exploring the idea of being an extra and embracing an “EXTRAordinary” way of life. My photo includes a little extra, an embellishment of a scarf as an item of adornment, bringing and being a little bit of something unique and special.
In my model for high life force living, I talk about some of the “extras” you can do to enhance your energy, your joy, your bliss, in life and radiate that joy to everything and everyone you meet. These choices are called the “magical miscellaneous” and are the activities and life choices you make that bring love and high life force energy to you, and in turn that energy comes back to you even stronger.
One of my magical miscellaneous choices is to explore being an “extra” in movies and TV and to MODEL. Both of these choices require you to be totally “present” and “attuned” to your environment. It is such a joy to be creative and to “MODEL” enlightened living.
We all can live an enlightened life by eating well, hydrating, expressing our love and gratitude, especially for ourselves and our magnificient bodies, and making life style choices that bring joy, grace, beauty, kindness, and love to our environment.
Chanting, listening to meditative music, being in nature, whatever brings you into the present moment, connecting with your divine soul, will nuture you and everything in your environment.
This is a time of tremendous positive, loving, energy on the planet that will support you in your quest for a higher level of energy, love, peace, and joy in your life.
I wish you a joyful, high life force week.


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