Beach Foodie Fun and Friends: Bliss On

Hi on a Suntabulous evening.   This week I’m sharing my fun bliss food experiences of this past week.  On Thursday night, I was fortunate to be invited to the table of Douglas Rodriguez, a great ceviche chef as well as the leading Latin chef in America.  We were at his restaurant in Miami.  Douglas makes fabulous blissful healthy Latin food and he is a warm inviting person.  On Sunday, I met a new friend at the farmer’s market on the Atlantic Ocean in Hollywood, FL.  She is from South Africa and helped me pick out the perfect organic tomatoes, perfect ripeness and texture.  We commented on how we loved each others accents and on the perfect food at the farmers market.  Food connects us all, it gives us energy for life and energy for each other.  I am grateful to have these experiences as part of my food journey through life.  As we are beginning 2013, wShine your lighthat is your food journey like?  Is it giving you high life force energy, love, bliss, and connecting you to people and places that have that same energy and passion?  Now is a great time to begin eating some of those high life force foods full of light and love; avocado, raw honey, bee pollen, low glycemic fruits, greens, to name a few.  let these foods nourish you and allow you to shine your light and connect with others.  Through our food and our relationships, we can elevate each other and ignite the passion in each other for a blissful life.

Love, love, love with all your heart, soul, body, and mind.  Have a great joyful, peaceful, and loving week.  Cfayla


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