Beach Foodie : Twin Flames Love and Joy

Magical Monday to you! It’s the first Monday of 2013, bringing in a time for new starts and an adbundance of love and joy in your life. The picture I’m sharing Ray of Joygives us a ray of joy from the heavens coming to the earth, meeting the paddleboard and flowing and gliding into the beach. Rays of hope are always available to us if we take the time to go inward to our heart center. I invite you to take some time this week to listen to your heart’s desire and experience love and joy. There are many ways to feel your bliss; through eating live, high energy, foods, taking time to connect with nature, and time for meditation, are some keys ways to feel more love and energy in your life.
Blissful super nutrition gives us the energy to experience the best in life. In this first week of 2013, I am grateful for high quality organic fruits and vegetables, raw fats such as cold pressed olive oil and nuts butters, and hih quality proteins to form a basis for the beach food recipes I enjoy.
I’m grateful for adequate hydration and an abandance of drinking water easily available to us. Hydration is a key to health and high energy levels.
I find meditation also connects me to the love and joy of my soul and provides a feeling of calmness and peace. Even a few minutes of connecting to your heart center, can bring
“sunshine” to your heart.
You are GREATLY loved! Cfayla


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