Beach Foodie Miracles

Heart ArtHi everyone,

Happy New Year’s Eve! Today I am inviting you to celebrate the miracles of 2012 and the hopes and dreams you have for 2013. The photo of me is at a fund raiser holding a painting of a “heart”. If you open your heart and listen to your heart’s desire, you will often discover your soul’s purpose. I am taking some time today to express gratitude for good food and drink, the gifts of breath and meditation, and the gifts of movement, all a part of the Beach Foodie lifestyle. From a place of gratitude, I am celebrating the gifts and miracles of my life, including fullfilling my dream of writing and publishing books.

What are the miracles of 2012 for you and what beautiful things do you have in your life to celebrate? Gratitude for all the good things we have in life lifts our energy. It is the first step in elevating our love energy so we desire to eat well, move, and become our healthiest selves. A healthy and fit body, mind, and spirit, provides the foundation to live our our dreams and feel the unconditional love of the divine which is always there for us if we take the time to go inward and connect with love.

Will you join me in taking some time today or tomorrow to write down your dreams and deepest desires for 2013? The little ones and the big ones. Somehow by writing down what I desire, it makes it so much for real for me in making the desire into a reality. I’m also going to write down new experiences I would like to have for 2013, as a way of eternally expanding the joy of my soul.

I wish you a fun New Year’s Eve, filled with joy and celebration and a wonderful New Year!

You are GREATLY LOVED! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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