Beach Foodie: At one with the Wave

Photo Shoot for Worldwide Fashion MagazineFor viewing only, property of Cfayla Johson and Damagbest Inc

Photo Shoot for Worldwide Fashion Magazine
For viewing only, property of Cfayla Johson and Damagbest Inc

A magical Monday to you! Today, I focus on being at “one with the wave”, embracing the fluidity of life at this miraculous time on our planet. To begin, I’d like to share my experience at my first professional modeling photo shoot a week ago. Modeling is part of the beach foodie lifestyle, we model new ways of thinking, new actions, until the “new” becomes part of our way of being and thinking. And, the beauty comes when we can continually embrace new ideas and experiences while keeping the best of what we already do. My photo shoot was 12 hours and I did bring water and food with me as I describe in Beach Foodie. I brought one of my fruit recipes and a couple of my desert recipes, all of which contain protein, a raw fat, and raw, unfiltered, unheated honey. I was able to stay hydrated and maintain my energy throughout the shoot by eating the Beach Foodie way. And, I did carry my food in containers:) The photo shoot was an experience of embracing a role. I loved it! It allowed me to have a new experience and take on a new role as a fashion model. We can all take on new roles at any time. I invite you to try new roles. If it seems uncomfortable at first, model it, being an actor or an actress and give it a try. You might just find your bliss.
Friday is a very special day for all of us and our planet. New energies will come to the planet that will bring us all great love and joy. If you connect with your heart to your inner love energy and connect to the earth by feelings of love, you give yourself permission to feel waves of unconditional love as it sweeps the planet. So, this week and all throught the holiday season, I invite you to “go with the wave”, take a love, peace, and joy ride!

You are greatly loved!


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