Benefits of the Beach Foodie Lifestyle

Love and light

Love and light

Magical Monday to you! This picture was taken early in the morning; a wonderful time to meditate and bring in the love energy from the planet.

Today, I invite you to join me as I share the benefits of the beach foodie lifestyle. Beach Foodie is fun and it’s meant to help you in very practical ways.

So, here we go… When you eat Beach Foodie foods, your MOOD will be naturally elevated. The recommended food list are food that are easy to digest, in their natural form, and have high energy to give to your body. This translates into feeling better about life, feeling nurtured and alive.

Beach foodie recipes BALANCE your hormones over time, gently, and with EASE and GRACE. When your body receives SUPERnutrition over time, it heals itself and automatically produces the correct level of hormones you need for a BEAUTIFUL, FIT, body, that is youthful, vital, and virile.

FLAT STOMACH, SCULPTURED, Body. Over time, your body weight will become what is exactly right for you. You will have a flat stomach because your food will be easily processed and assimilated into your body to regenerate you. Your body will be sculptured and become the temple it was designed to be. This will happen because you will begin to practice movement and meditation along with proper food and a transformation will begin to occur that is more than physical, it is spiritual, mental, and emotional, as well.

Beautiful SKIN, your skin will be beautiful and you will have a wonderful peaceful glow about you. Hydatration is the key, as well as whole natural foods

AND you may begin this process at any time, with ease, grace, and what is right for you.

You are GREATLY Loved!


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