Beach Foodie Heart CenterB

Magical Monday to you! Today I’m discussing being in our heart center. Your heart center is where you will feel unconditional love, the highest energy available to us. This energy center is located at your heart and is the place where your lower energetic centers and upper energetic centers meet. It’s the middle of your blissful unique universe!

When you eat high energy, superfood, beach foodie recommended foods, you support your body’s natural ability to conduct love energy to your heart and radiate your love to all you meet.

Along with happily hydrating, at least 100 oz per day, you establish a foundation to conduct energy and over time TRANSFORM the beautiful temple that is your body into a vibrant, high energy conductor of universal life force energy.

If you add movement to your daily life, you keep your body fit and MOVE out the emotional “koodie’s” of life so they don’t “STICK” to you.

Meditation, especially breathwork, connect your to your soul and your own unique divine bliss. Check out some breathwork and energy exercise in “Sacred Sexuality and Immortality in the Age of Enlightenment”.

I highly recommend the movie “Rise of the Guardians” as a great Magical Miscellaneous activity this holiday season. It’s about going to your heart center to find your purpose.

Blissful eating, moving, meditating, to everyone this week.


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