Beach Foodie Favorite Recipe

A magical Monday to you!  Today I’m going to share my favorite beach foodie recipe.  It is cocoanut delight.  It’s my favorite because it is SO simple and satisfying.  I have always loved cocoanut candies and desserts so I developed my own,  EASY, highly nutritious version.  You combine RAW cocoanut butter, RAW unfiltered, unheated, honey, and RAW nuts.

You are getting a Raw fat, raw protein, and raw honey, a SUPERFOOD combination that tastes so good.  Just a small portion of this dessert tastes fabulous and the different textures make it fun to eat.  You can also freeze it for a “chilled” delight.  This dessert nurtures you by giving you energy instead of depleting your energy with processed sugar.  A  WIN, WIN: fabulous taste and fabulous energy.
You may have wondered what event inspired me to write Beach Foodie.  As a natural healer, it was a desire to continually rejuvenate my body, stay ultra fit and lean, and feel happy and joyful in my daily life.  A family health crisis started me on the path of natural healing and high life force eating.  And, as I began to try different ways of eating, I eventually starting making my own recipes because they gave me more energy and tasted better than anything else I could find.

When my friends started asking me for my recipes and advise on food, the seed for writing Beach Foodie had been planted.  It is my desire to share my original recipes and ideas with the world that made Beach Foodie a reality and a great joy to me.
My personal routines reflect what I write about.  I meditate every day in the morning for about 40 minutes.  I run 5 miles on the beach every morning.  In addition, I take dance lessons twice a week, hot yoga twice a week, and standup paddleboard on the Atlantic ocean every chance I get.  The food I eat is from the recipes I share with you and I eat off my recommended food list.

I am about 70% RAW, VEGAN.  The other 30% is healthy but does consist of a small amount of cooked protein, primarily plant based, and I cycle on fish.  I also drink red wine in moderation, and drink almond and flax milk.  I believe blissful eating is a divine LOVING relationship so I listen to my body each day to determine what I will eat.  I follow my guidelines of RAW fat, primairly PLANT based proteins, raw honey, and low glycemic carbs but within that framework,  I apply a flexible process.

I am for happiness in eating and I love different textures and combinations.  I continually develop new recipes each week, experimenting with unique food combinations.  I call my kitchen “Cfayla’s Culinary Creations Lab”:)

AND, I love to socialize with LOVING, high energy people.  Fund raising events, live music, inspiring happy hours, fashion events.  I mix it up and try new things.

Love, love, love!  Cfayla


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