Beach Ball Model for High Life Force Living:Part 2

I’m so glad you are here for PART 2 of the discussion on the Beach Ball Model for High Life Force Living.

High life force living means you select activities and make life affirming choices about the food you eat, choosing to “move” your body, incorporating meditation by going INWARD to connect with your divine life force ENERGY, and choosing high energy activities like being in NATURE, listening to live music, and other activities that build your LOVE energy. LOVE energy brings you joy, high energy to your body, and a sense of peace and calm as you live your daily life. This model contributes to healthy living by giving you a process for a high energy, joyful life. It helps you FOCUS on the key components to creating this lifestyle.

Me serving up some LOVE ENERGY to Paulo at the Beach foodie focus group.

In BEACH FOODIE, I give you suggested activites in each strategy area, there is a “Do IT” section where I describe what I do each day, broken into the following segments: “AM”, “MIDDAY” and “PM”. Finally, I have a SHORT and SWEET Beach Foodie action plan to get your started with your Beach Foodie lifestyle NOW. If you are reading this blog, you have already started the process toward a more blissful relationship with food, and a healthy lifestyle FOCUSED on maximizing your LOVE ENERGY.

In my new books, I extend these concepts by expanding into the topics of divine sacred sexuality and energy, and more great Beach Foodie recipes. I include recipes for learning how to access your internal DIVINE cosmic energy, and how to move this energy to RENEW you. This energy is LIMITLESS and the process can be LEARNED. My Beach Foodie recipes expand into “TRANSITIONAL” recipes to help you along your path.

MAGIC, LOVE, and GRATITUDE to you, my BELOVED Beach Foodies!


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