Beach Foodie Beach Ball Model / High Life Force Living

On this MAGICAL Monday I invite you to join me in discussing the BEACH BALL model from Beach Foodie. This model is about life force enhancers and expansion. Enhancing and expanding the LOVE ENERGY in your life. It consists of 4 lifestyle strategies, that if practiced consistently will bring you greater energy, love, clarity, and creativity. It’s an integrated process with suggestions in each lifestyle strategy to get you started on enhancing and expanding your life energy.

Author Cfayla Johnson

There are 4 colors to the Beach Ball model, a specific energetic color for each strategy. I call them the 4 M’s, like the M&M candy. The four strategies are meals, movement, meditation, and the MAGICAL miscellaneous. The Beach Foodie meals are the ROOT of the model and are associated with the color red, the color of the ROOT energy center associated with Survival and meeting your body’s basic needs.

Divine, blissful eating provides the foundation or “ROOT”, for your body to have the fantastic health and vibrancy to explore and enhance your life experience by incorporating movement, meditation, and the MAGICAL miscellaneous into your daily life experience, your new “Beach Foodie” lifestyle. I have included a picture of myself practicing inversions at my “HOT” yoga studio. I had just finished class when this picture was taken. Yoga combines the strategies of BOTH movement and meditation from my BEACH BALL model being one of my favorite suggestions for a lifestyle choice.

Join me Thursday for the rest of this discussion on the BEACH BALL model for high life force living. Until then, may HIGH LIFE FORCE be with you, beloved Beach Foodies.


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