Secret Ingredients to all Blissful Eating

A magical Monday to you my beloved beach foodies.  This week I’m going to be sharing the secret ingredients to all BLISSFUL eating: the twin flames GRATITUDE and LOVE.  Every time you eat or drink anything, I invite you to say thank you to build your love energy.

As you build your love energy, you will attract more love energy, AND more blissful eating.  Each of my recipes includes the two ingredients love and gratitude, having been divinely inspired.  The ingredients relate to our food by increasing the energy and nutrients the food gives us.  Food, especially LIVE, unprocessed foods, respond to our gratitude and love just like a person.

Me and a Beach Foodie Recipe

In fact, that’s why we are invited to have a divine relationship with our food, a blissful, nurturing, alive and FLOWING expression of love and gratitude.  And , as we  expand  this gratitude, it will naturally expand to all aspects of our life.  As a Beach Foodie, when you eat high life force food in appreciation, your life force and feelings of  love will pour over into the rest of your life and you will begin to feel joyful, loving feelings for everything in your life, even your challenges will respond to love.  You become the unconditional blissful love and joy you seek. We had a blissful time in the Beach foodie focus group trying a “BEACHYLICIOUS” recipe called “ANT HILL” It’s chocolate infused Amazing Meal combined with a little raw, unfiltered, unheated honey; and a RAW FAT.

Can you guess which one of the raw fats off my top 50 food list? What ingredients do you think make up the hill and the ant? All are off my food list and are LIVE foods, and in combination will give you a source of raw fat and protein. This recipe was a fabulous hit with sherry, it tastes like a deep chocolate brownie, light and LIVE. If you check out one of my recipes in Beach Foodie, you will find a recipe very close to ANT HILL, I just substituted Amazing Meal for another source of raw protein. A lovely LIFE FORCE DAY to you and BLISS in eating. I’ll be blogging tomorrow, so chat with you then. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


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