Beach Foodie Love Energy

On this magical Monday I’d like to share what makes Beach Foodie unique.  Beach Foodie is about love energy in living our best life on earth.  In my  book, Beach Foodie, I have the BEACH BALL model  for high life  force living, focusing on the 4 M’s:  Meals, Movement, Meditation, and Magical Miscellaneous, all life force enhancements to the Beach Foodie  recipies and recommended foods.  Beach Foodie is about an entire lifestyle approach to expanding your love energy and JOY and bliss in your life.

In my new publication, Sacred  Sexuality and  Immortality in the Age  of Enlightenment and Beach Foodie Goes Global , I expand upon the foundations of blissful food to include recipes for balancing the  energy in your body. One publication, two books:  a masculine  energy book and a feminine energy book, meeting in the middle in unconditional love.  Reading the publication is an exercise in balancing the male and female energy in the body and for enhancing intimacy.  And, another 30 recipes including some fabulous candy recipes.  It’ all a part of the fun of Beach Foodie life.

What is the connection between the beach and food?  Water is  fluid and conducts energy.  The beach foodie foods and recipes support the FLOW of life force energy in the body, the ocean and beach have  a cleansing, regenerative energy as do the beach foodie foods.  The beach is FUN and JOYFUL, as food should be fun and joyful  to us, and for us.  It is important for us to have a good relationship with food because food is meant to nurture us and has energy of it’s own.

When we give gratitude to our food and experience enjoyment, the energy contained in the food responds to us, generating more energy for the support of our body. The top 50 beach foodie foods all have high life force energy themselves and have been divinely been given to us to give us fabulously wonderful health and energy.Gratitude and love energy go hand in hand in any relationship to include the one we have with food.

In this picture, I am with my food at a food and wine pairing class. I was invited to have my recipes as part of a Beach Foodie focus group on divine pairings of my food with wine. The “carrot cake” recipe from Beach foodie was a rave with white wine and we all had fun in exploring innovative ways to combine and pair fabulous food with fabulous wines. I will be introducing “Eye Candy Maple Fudge” on Friday, a recipe from Beach Foodie Goes Global. I am combining fashion with food also. If we look and feel good, then fabulous fashion pairs well with the Beach foodie lifestyle. I invite you to explore your own Beach Foodie focus group, trying the foods and recipes, exploring the fabulous world of innovation that unique food combinations brings you.

Light beam to you and love energy this week! Love, Love, Love!


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