Blissful Eating

As we begin this blissful week, I would like to mention that over the weekend I was paddleboarding on the Atlantic and a gentleman ask me if I was part of the “Beach Beautification Program”.  I thought it was so cute and applicable to the Beach Foodie lifestyle.

We can all be part of our own unique “Beach beautification program” by eating blissful food combinations that support the healing and rejuvenation of our bodies at the cellular level.  Beach foodie top 50 foods are high life force foods that easily convert to energy in the body.  Low glycemic fruits, greens, raw fat, and plant based sources of protein are the primary “beach foodie” foods of choice.

Me carrying my paddleboard during the Costa Rica paddleboarding competition.

These foods are high in energy, are easy on the body to digest, and because they are uncooked, retain the enyzmes necessary to heal the body.  The joy we get from great taste of the food is nurturing and healing to us also.  As you make the recipes, you may alter a recipe by adding or subtracting an ingredient in a small quantity or substituting one of the top 50 foods for another.  For instance, if you want raw almond butter instead of raw cocoanut butter, this is fine because you are substituting one raw fat for another.

The guideline for substitution is choose low glycemic fruits, greens, and raw sources of fat, and primarily stick to plant based proteins.  Also, the beach foodie model is one of gradual substitution of Beach foodie top 50 foods and the recipes over time.  So, I encourage you to eat some of the foods off the list, try some of the recipies, and enjoy the process.  You are successful if you can find even one or two new healthy recipies you love, it can change your relationship with food, bring you joy, and over time, change your life. 

The connection between food and spiritual growth occurs when food is no longer any energetic block to your body and you  are fully absorbing the nutrients from your blissful food.  It is the absense of blockages that allow spiritual energy to flow easier in your body.  Finally, it is the absense of inflamation in the body which allows your  body to be a superconductor of love energy over time Love, joy, bliss to all of you!


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